About Tradicion Peruana and Aji and Rocoto peppers


Aji and rocoto peppers have always been an integral part of Peruvian cuisine.  These peppers and the spicy sauces made from them are found in a wide variety of dishes that form part of Peru's very rich culinary culture. 

Despite the importance of aji and rocoto in Peruvian society, the small scale farmers that supply the majority of these peppers are also the poorest farmers in Peru. 

Tradicion Peruana was formed in Lima, Peru with the aim to bring the flavors of Peru's aji and rocoto peppers to the international community.   Equally important, our social mission uses revenues from Peruvian pepper sauces to invest back into small scale aji farmers in order to improve their farming efficiency and improve their standards of living. 

Our products are 100 percent grown, 100 percent produced and 100 percent bottled in Peru.